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Student core competence

Based on the founding philosophy of the National Sun Yat-Sen University and the educational goals of the Institute, the development direction and focus of the Institute is set as "Cancer Biomedicine". The curriculum structure plan aims to provide graduate students with basic academic courses and experimental training, and to develop students' core competencies. The core competencies of students include:
(1) The ability to apply biomedical related knowledge.
(2) The ability to design and execute experiments and analyze data.
(3) The ability to integrate knowledge and technology in various fields of biomedicine.
(4) The ability to plan books and papers.
(5) The spirit of communication and coordination and teamwork, and the professional ethics of biomedical staff.
(6) Establish the habits and abilities to absorb new knowledge, lifelong learning, practical thinking and international thinking.
The company plans to set the core competence of students, as shown below
External assessment of external opinions and integration of the internal assessment of the opinions of the teachers and students, and the establishment of the core competence indicators of the students.
The six core competencies of students and their development methods:


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