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Educational goal

The Institute hopes to cultivate a deep biomedical background, broad bioscience knowledge, clear and clear thinking, and master modern intellectuals with strong new knowledge. Therefore, the following educational goals are planned:
1.Cultivate solid basic professional knowledge and experimental techniques: develop basic knowledge of biomedicine and biotechnology, and understand, analyze and solve problems, so that continuous development and learning in relevant professional fields.
2.Develop the capacity for independent thinking, independent research, and planning to conduct case studies: develop the ability to continue to pursue further studies or employment in biomedical and biotechnology-related fields.
3.Cultivate lifelong learning and international perspectives: Develop the ability to absorb the latest international biomedical and biotechnology information technologies, and participate in international conferences and international teamwork.
4.Develop professional ethics, work discipline, teamwork and effective communication skills: Develop professional skills, integration skills and social responsibility skills to become responsible researchers and leaders in the workplace.
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