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Establish a brief history

With the rapid development of life science research, biotechnology-related industries and applications are becoming more diversified, and the biomedical field has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the application of biotechnology. National Sun Yat-sen University established a master's degree in biomedical research in 1999. A complete and solid education and research training for the talents in the field of biomedical sciences was established. After the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2002, doctoral classes were established.
Over the years, all the teachers and students of the medical doctors have worked together to achieve scale. In addition to the electronic journals provided by the school library, the library also has early paper journals in related fields. In terms of instruments, the public instrument center of the Institute has been completed by the school subsidy and the efforts of all teachers for many years. It has cell biology and protein. In addition to the physical and molecular biology related equipment, our students can also use the instruments of the Biomedical Center and the National Instruments Center of the National Science and Technology Center of Sun Yat-sen University. The research resources are sufficient for research needs.
The Institute focuses on the growth of students' professional knowledge. Each year, large-scale seminars are held, and domestic and foreign well-known research scholars are invited to give lectures on their research results so that students can absorb new knowledge. At the same time, it also actively handles student counseling, and regularly organizes student activities, teacher-student talks, Chaishan hiking and old-fashioned activities.
In addition, we also plan student career development and hold a series of lectures, including graduation alumni experience sharing, off-campus corporate visits, student employment vision seminars and alumni associations, so that our students can understand their sexual orientation, job market needs and changes, as well as Strengthen the interaction of graduates, promote the mutual assistance and benign competition among peers, and achieve the complete education of the talents in the field of biomedical science.
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