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Course structure

The curriculum structure is based on achieving the educational goals of the Institute.
Students follow the interests of the "Molecular Medicine" and "System Biomedical" two areas of elective courses to build solid professional knowledge.
All students will be trained in "Biomedical Instrument Training" and "Biomedical Experimental Technology Training" to develop students' basic experimental instrument operation and experimental technical capabilities.
Conduct corporate visits and employment vision discussions to equip students with the importance of professional ethics, work discipline, teamwork and effective communication.
Conduct paper review and progress report review to develop students' ability to think independently, independently research and plan to conduct case studies. In addition, they can train students to discuss reports and organize their expressions.
Students are required to participate in academic conferences at home and abroad to cultivate lifelong learning and international thinking.
Master class
Student's total graduation credits
24 credits
Doctoral class
Student's total graduation credits
18 credits
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